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    KaitlynAnnne Level 2
    Hey, I'm 15. Almost 16 and within this year I have ran in to some troubles.. I found out I had a high thyroid count and type 2 diabetes. A few months before that I was diagnosed with bi-polar. Yeah, that's not a big deal but the doctors put me on a weight gaining/ mood stabilizing pill. As the year has went on I've went from 135 pounds to 210.
    This has definitely messed with my emotions which has added to my weight problem. It seems like I have tried everything. I've even asked my doctor for help. I'm starting to get unmotivated, so now I'm turning to anyone whom will help.
    Please, leave any information you can! Thank you sooo much! <3

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  • 2859 days ago

    Wow that's a really rough year
    First thing I really admire you for your willingness to take care of yourself! Even though it's very very hard, you keep on working and fighting for your health on all levels! Way to go! It means that you are made of some really tough material!
    Second I really really really advise you to get some good nice dietitian that you will like and has knowledge and experience! You can check through the hospital for someone good and if you can afford that pay them privately (I don't know how its were you live but here they are much better when they get paid).
    Its really admirable hoe you keep on fighting through everything.. especially at this age (high school is gross)

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