How has IF affected you?

  • 3329 days ago

    xprawn Level 22
    I've been following leangains IF protocol for about 2 months now, I fast every day from 9pm until about 2pm the next day. I drink a casein shake before I go to bed (which is delicious!) and on the way to the gym in the morning I drink my pre-workout "water" (Superpump Max, 1.5tsp BCAAs + water) - I've never had so much energy throughout the day!

    IF has been revolutionary for me because I don't really get hungry anymore and following the "you must eat 6 meals a day OR ELSE" thing really wasn't working for me - I don't want to eat teeny tiny meals, I like to stuff my face!

    I've been losing bodyfat and building more muscle - the scale has stayed the same but my measurements are going the way I want them to.

    I'm not starving in the mornings any more and I've increased the weight on ALL of my lifts and my min/mile time too. I love IF!

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  • 3084 days ago

    Your fasting schedule and results are impressive! I like to fast from about the same time till whenever I've finished cardio, though sometimes have whey shake if errands/school stuff delays workout. End result is true fast happens 2-3/wk. It does accelerate metabolism ( and I'm in my late 40s!), and I very much like that it gives me freedom over my body- that I'm not a slave to a schedule. It feels good. And I agree that you can have a significant amount of healthy food and be satisfied for a long time. Your body expects less, and you ultimately require less! Best to you!

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