How is SK doing?

  • 3150 days ago

    dreamersipaq Level 1
    Hey! I guess this is more of a Hi, and a shoutout :)

    Brand new user to SK! It's actually got me excited to lose weight again. Everything is simple, and easy. Entering things is also just a few steps. I feel like all the other sites try to do too much, or are too complicated, convoluted and take up too much time.

    I feel like I can go to say Chipotle, and enter in data before I eat since it's quick and easy, instead of having to wail 'till I get home and forget!

    Quick Q to the mods... How is the site doing? I know it's relatively a new site, so just wanted to see how it's fairing up against the competition. Also, I randomly found this site after hours of searching on the internet. WHY haven't I heard or seen anything about it anywhere? I feel like I randomly stumbled upon a jewel.


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  • 3123 days ago

    Yeah, there isn't much talk about SlimKicker, and I only found out about it after someone told me about it.

    But it's kind of like Fitocracy combined with My Fitness Pal. Which would be kind of awesome if there is an app preferably an Android app that lets me track my exercises and calories and still make a game out of my exercises!

    And as a person who loves games having achievement "badges" are always great motivation.

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