Lean and Green Ideas in preparation for the Hurricane anyone?

  • 3193 days ago

    Hope Level 4
    With a hurricane heading for the east coast, what ideas do you have for L&G that don't require electricity/cooking/refrigeration? As romantic as eating canned tuna fish and bell peppers by candlelight sounds, I'm trying to plan ahead and stock a few other items in the house just in case things get bad..

    Any ideas?.

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  • 3189 days ago

    I don't have any recommendations, but I just want to say I hope you'll be ok!.

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  • 3183 days ago

    The only good thing about the hurricane is that at least we can prepare. I went through one last August after being on Medifast for only about 3 weeks or so. I made a few servings of Sandys buffalo chicken and had that on salad. And yes, I think I did tuna one day. Just had lots of lettuce, celery and cucumber. I got a big cooler and stocked it with ice and put everything in there..

    I hope you're not getting hit head on. Where are you? I'm outside of Philly..

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  • 3181 days ago

    Do you have a grill? That's what we use when we lose power..

    You can buy canned chicken, shrimp, crab & tuna - so that's a good back-up if you cannot cook. Just make sure you have a handheld can opener.

    Raw veggies - whatever you like - lots of salad & spinach & tomatoes, bell peppers would keep me going a few days..

    Good luck! We don't think we'll be hit, but you never know, so we've made our standard preparations (ensuring enough fuel for generator, tractor, vehicles....).

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  • 3178 days ago

    Make sure you stock up on water just in case... you never know. I love the canned chicken, veggies that don't need refrigeration: cucumbers, ect. In the worst case scenario, I would do the canned chicken or tuna and canned green beans. It would work in a tight..

    I pray ya'll don't have any power outages and are safe during this crazy looking storm. I hope it swings way out in the ocean. You never know!.

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  • 3174 days ago

    Well, I'm not too concerned. We live inland NJ, about 45 miles from the shore. I'm sure that even if we lose power, I won't have to drive too far to get to a town with power and a restaurant if I need it..


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  • 3167 days ago

    Lots of good suggestions here. I went almost a week this summer without power when that freak wind storm came through. It's not the easiest thing to stay OP but it can be done even if you do have to live off of Tuna and fresh veggies the entire time, it is a survivial situation..

    We camp alot so we just pulled out the camping supplies and 'roughed it' but I just wanted to emphasisize the point that was made about the water..

    PLAN and STOCK UP!!! I live out in the boonies so our water is powered by electricity, so when we lose power, we lose water. But even if you don't typically lose your water when you lose power, a hurricane presents all kinds of problem and one of them could be contamination of water sources. So if possible, I would fill up empty milk jugs, 5 gallon buckets and the bathtub, just in case. This is important for more reasons than just staying OP but could be the most challenging part of staying OP..

    I live in VA and it looks like we may miss the worst of it. Hang in there and good luck. You will be in my thoughts and prayers..

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  • 3167 days ago

    Hi all, just went back and found a thread I started back in Aug. when Hurricane Isacc was headed towards us and thought there was some really good suggestions you might find:.

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  • 3166 days ago

    travis Fitness trainer
    I plan on cooking enough today to get me through a few days, just in case. I live in western Pa., calling for a foot of snow..

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  • 3159 days ago

    I'm soooo jealous.

    I LOVE snow.

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  • 3156 days ago

    Thank you for this thread! I'm in NJ and was wondering what I'll do without my microwave..

    So...I'll cook up some chicken breasts, make some brownies and get some fresh veggies for my "green"..

    My DH was at a supermarket last night and said the "junk food" aisle was wiped out. It begged the question...why does weather trigger us to eat?.

    I have to admit that in "olden days" a snow storm or severe weather had me going for the chips & dip and other junk. I did notice yesterday as talk of this storm went on...I was craving chips and dip...TRIGGERS...ugggggg..

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  • 3154 days ago

    Nancy - don't be too jealous of the snow forecast - we did that here in CT last year when the "october storm" hit (actually anniversary of that one is when this one is supposed to hit) - with leaves on the trees the damage was massive and power out from 1-2 weeks throughout much of CT - this one is only supposed to be high winds and rain in CT - lucily I have gas stove and was able to cook last year..

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  • 3153 days ago

    It's so funny you say this because during a hurricane I lose weight. After Wilma hit (I live in Ft Lauderdale) I lost 10 lbs in a week. I think because my "trigger foods" are prepared foods. Also, the weather was BEAUTIFUL the week after and I was walking everywhere because a) there wasn't any gas and b) it was so nice out..

    If it was me now not sure what I would eat for the L&G. Maybe canned tuna or canned chicken and a green that didn't need the fridge..

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  • 3148 days ago

    I'm outside of Philadelphia in Montgomery county, oh my gosh you'd think Armageddon was coming. I went last night to get water & such, no shopping carts left! This morning I went to target to get just some extra diapers for little ones, not ONE bottle of water left, I grabbed some small ones just for kids that were buried way in the back top shelf.... people were ready to steal them outta the cart!! For kicks went into camping isle, no camping stoves no propane no charcoal. Went to fill up car w gas, people were filling up 5-6 gas cans..

    It's crazy! I know better safe then sorry....but holy cow..

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  • 3142 days ago

    I lived on Florida's Gulf Coast for 5 1/2 years. Every May, I would get my hurricane supplies in order - canned chicken, envelopes of tuna and salmon, canned salt free green beans and other vegetables, shelf stable Almond Breeze, bottled water, batteries and propane for my grill..

    Also, I filled my car with gas every pay day during hurricane season whether I needed it or not because one year I got caught with an empty gas tank and the whole area ran out of gas for 6 weeks. When one was coming, I made sure my meds were refilled and I had some cash..

    I know, more info than you asked for. But the food was actually not difficult, but could get boring. However, with Medifast you don't have to eat the same thing all day every day - only once a day..

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  • 3137 days ago

    As my DP (dear partner) always says: why buy whater when we've got a 50 gallon water bottle in the basement? He means the water heater I think. He's so darn resourceful I hate/love him!!!!!!.

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  • 3137 days ago

    As much as I hate it I have several cans of tuna salmon and chicken. I can eat raw vegies and RTD shakes..

    I live in the boonies to and have well water. So if the power goes....water goes..

    But my biggest worry is a tree falling across my driveway. Previous owner planted trees on both sides of the driveway and they are always falling over..

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  • 3130 days ago

    Bryant Fitness trainer
    Penny, you don't have a hot water heater that stays filled at all times? That's what he's talking about..

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  • 3126 days ago

    We have well water too - but the well pump is one of the items powered by our large PTO generator.....

    We also have a pond & camping water filtration systems if really necessary.

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  • 3123 days ago

    It's tankless..

    We have a generator. but we only use it for our fridge and HVAC.

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  • 3119 days ago

    I might have weird taste in food, but I love canned green beans and those little packets of precooked chicken mixed together. It's a little salty, but they don't require refrigeration or heating..

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