Medifast Brownies - To Nuke or To Bake?

  • 3193 days ago

    Mckenna Level 1
    Ok MFers, what is your preference on baking vs. microwaving the brownies? Had my first one today from the microwave...was just ok. Was thinking about baking them in the oven (like a whole box) so that I have them prepared and standing by (especially if they taste better from the oven). What's your favorite brownie prep?.

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  • 3187 days ago

    I've always just done them in the microwave, it's easier that way. They taste great to me in the microwave so I never felt the need to try baking them. =).

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  • 3183 days ago

    They taste great to me in the microwave as well. One of my favorite products. I have baked them in muffin tins so I could have several for traveling and they were quite good that way. I mixed them with the soft bake (3 pks each of brownie and soft bake) and made 6 muffins to take on the go!.

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  • 3176 days ago

    I mostly use microwave bc of time, but they are much better in the oven. When I cook them in the oven, I put the brownie mix on parchment paper on a cookie tray and they are wonderful!.

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  • 3172 days ago

    I was wondering the exact same thing myself. I want to make some and take them to work. I wonder if they taste less like the soy powder if you bake them in an oven. I can eat the microwave version but I don't think they are yummy..

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  • 3163 days ago

    Raw! Doughy, chocolatey goodness!! I tried it for the first time a bit a go and am hooked!.

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  • 3161 days ago

    I don't like them baked in the oven. I love them microwaved using a little more water and I only microwave for one minute. My micro is pretty high power. They come out a little gooey in the center. Yummo!.

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  • 3155 days ago

    I nuke mine but can't eat them warm. I always cook mine and then put it in the fridge for at least an hour..

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  • 3154 days ago

    I always microwave them, but tonight I shall try one in the oven to see how they come out..

    Just finished 2 weeks and am down 11.4 lbs. Yeah!.

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  • 3151 days ago

    I usually nuke mine, but really like them in the oven. Next time I make them I'm going to try mixing them in a seperate bowl, spraying the "pan" with Pam and nuking it. I made up a BUNCH of them to take with me on vacation. They were very good for several days..

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  • 3143 days ago

    I bake them in the oven - an entire box, all little containers on a large cookie sheet. Let them cool, and store in ziploc bags in the freezer, and have with my coffee in the morning. Delicious!.

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  • 3135 days ago

    You have to try my way once. Mix according to directions, microwave for 30 sec and then freeze for 30 min. They are soooooo good. You will love it!!.

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  • 3131 days ago

    I do that all the time... perfect! They just pop out! The cookies actually get crunchy. Yummm.....

    Never had them in the oven... thought about it, but never tried it..

    One of my favs as well...SO going to try this! How much water? Thanks!.

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  • 3130 days ago

    About 8 tablespoons but just add till you get the right texture. I make it more like the brownie texture than the cookie texture and they turn out great..

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  • 3128 days ago


    What temp and how long do you bake them for?.

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  • 3127 days ago

    Thank you for that question! I would have been about to put them in the oven and been like.....

    I'm no Betty Crocker!.

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  • 3124 days ago

    I love them in the micro...little more water than called for..1:15 as and frost with light cream cheese (I sweeten a whole carton with vanilla sf syrup). I put in the fridge for an hour or so and have one almost every night with a cup of Nighty Time tea!! I eat it with a tiny spoon and enjoy every bite!.

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  • 3119 days ago

    I haven't baked the brownies yet (I've been on Medifast for almost 10 months!) But I baked the cookie for the first time this week and it didn't necessarily taste differently but it sure did smell differently and it had that fresh baked thing going which made me feel like I was getting a treat! I will be baking my brownie tomorrow to see if it makes a difference - but I'm not baking them all just in case for my first try!! (What if you burn them? there goes the whole box Boooooo lol).

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  • 3113 days ago

    350- 15-20 minutes...check at 15...clean toothpick they are a

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  • 3109 days ago

    I struggled for a while to get a good brownie out of the microwave. What I do now is add more water than called for (until it's quite soupy) then I microwave for three minutes at the 7 power. It comes out cakey, like a brownie, whereas before it tasted kind of burned. Every microwave is different, so you might have to experiment..

    I think I'm going to try microwaving thirty seconds, then freezing for 30 minutesthat sounds good!.

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  • 3107 days ago

    Just microwaved for 30 and froze for 30 minutes...oh my! Yummy like cold hot fudge! Hubby asked for a lil taste, then asked for a bite...Uhm, Nope skinny man, this is all mine! My daughters baking real brownies now for te family and has a Medifast one in the oven for me too!.

    Its a chocolate day!.

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