Messing up the past week or so

  • 1708 days ago

    AmyL Level 1
    I relatively new to the plan (starting my 7th week). I've lost 21 pounds so far so no complaints (I have a hundred pounds left to go). The first weeks went extremely well and then bam the last week or two I have been in "diet" mentality. Skipping some of the meals and somedays it was a lot, doing my own snacks within carb range, tweaking it here and there as I am beginning to get bored with the food and program. It's been hard especially on weekends with my family and attending social events. Last night hubby and I were watching a movie and I just binged. Popcorn, m & m's, cookies, pita chips & guac). I feel like a failure this morning. I'm scared to get totally back on plan because I am afraid of weight gain due to going low on calories and skipping meals plus of course my binge last night. I am good so far today and staying on plan and drinking extra water. I really need some inspiration! I'm afraid to step on the scale for my weekly weight check in a couple days. Anyone else struggle with what I have? Please help.

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  • 1682 days ago

    Hi, yes same thing here family came down and I ate pizza and wine, but you know what don't beat yourself up, just get back on and tell yourself I will do better, don't give up on yourself, you can do this....

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