Need to lost over 100 pounds with Medifast, Anybody else?

  • 3193 days ago

    Terrance Level 1
    I do. Just needing some extra support and positive thoughts..

    Thank you!.

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  • 3191 days ago

    I've got less than 40 left, but I started needing to lose 126. All I can say is to focus on one day at a time and set some little milestones to celebrate. I have a growing pandora bracelet that I use for rewards. It makes me happy. You can do it!!.

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  • 3187 days ago

    Where can I get this bracelet at?.

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  • 3181 days ago

    I started with over 100 to lose. I'm maintaining now. Make little goals, reward yourself and celebrate the journey! Get excited, this program is awesome..

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  • 3174 days ago

    There are several places that have charm bracelets...pandora is carried by a number of jewelry stores...there is a pandora store here, Brighton has one. Someone else on here said they did another brand. How you celebrate is is up to you, but find some way to celebrate the small victories, with out food. break it down into small pieces, don't focus on all of it at once. That's my strategy at least. 1 pound, 2 pounds...all the little losses add up and next thing you know you are celebrating big victories..

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  • 3172 days ago

    Well, I initially did need to lose at LEAST 100 lbs (but probably 140-120) in the long run), but I have since lost 85 lbs..

    Just gotta really want to lose that weight and do what it takes to get there..

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  • 3166 days ago

    Me me me.. I'm right with you ... I've lost 23 so far and have another 120+ to go....

    That number seems so big but... I know we can do it...

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  • 3163 days ago

    If someone had told me I would be this far down in just over a year, I would never have believed them. Just know that it takes a little bit of patience. The minutes can feel like days sometimes, and the days can feel like years, but you will get through them! After I was a couple weeks in, I felt like this was the easiest thing in the world to do! And I think the key for me was to stay active on the boards! There's good people here!.

    Also, research good and fun On Plan L&G's! Make sure your L&G is super fabulous and makes you happy! You're learning how to eat healthy and make sure you don't get into a rut with that meal. The sooner you start the sooner you're finish! The holidays are'll get through those easily! There's tricks people use here that work fantastically!.

    Good luck!.

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  • 3157 days ago

    Thank you everyone. I'm really wanting this to work out and hopefully by next summer I be close to where I wanna be, (or at least 199 lol) so I think I have plenty of good months ahead of me to trim down.....

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  • 3151 days ago

    You can do it! Keep telling yourself, I only eat on plan foods, period. You'll get there!.

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  • 3145 days ago

    I'm down over 80 pounds since june. This program has been the best thing I have ever done. Sometimes it does seem to drag, but it's amazing how a few pounds per week add up!.

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  • 3139 days ago

    My highest weight was 333 and I am now 260. I have at least 120 more lbs to go and I'm really getting nervous about loose skin...especially my thighs and arms. I'm starting some serious toning this week. I can't hurt....

    I want to be 249 by Christmas Day which will be the lowest weight I have been in 15 years..

    Good luck to all of you..


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  • 3130 days ago

    When I reach goal I will have lost 220lbs total. I have about 50 to go..

    The best advice I can offer is in my signature... "Allow for the passage of time".

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  • 3125 days ago

    So much inspiration on here!.

    I start tomorrow and have about 140 to lose. Scares the heck out of me, but I keep seeing so much success, so I keep thinking positive...the "allow for the passage of time" is awesome!.

    And I love the Pandora idea for rewards, hadn't thought of that...I have one, but only have a handful of charms....

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  • 3121 days ago

    Yeah me too. I had between 100-120 lbs to lose when I started. I have lost about 84 so far in 6 months..

    Just set your mind to sticking to the plan 100% each day. I haven't had anything off plan since I started, and I know I am not the only one..

    I have been uber motivated since starting Medifast and I feel more empowered each day that I remain 100%..

    You will have good days and not so good days, but just remember why it is you are here. It gets easier as time goes on and you see the weight dropping off..

    Come here often and read the blogs/threads. Lots of great advice and inspiration..

    I wish you all the best and look forward to watching your progress..


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  • 3121 days ago

    Yes, listen to all this good advice! The plan works. Go for it, you'll be glad you did! I have less than 40 to go!.

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  • 3116 days ago

    I had over 100 to lose. Actually on my tracker it is 108, but honestly I want to lose 120. I started on August 14th and it is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time! I have lost 37.5 lbs and I feel great! As I'm reading this thread the message I am getting from people is patience and perseverance. I need to remember this because I am anxious to lose all my weight, like yesterday!.

    Drink a lot of water, I drink half my body weight every day! It helps!.

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  • 3107 days ago

    As you can see, there are LOTS of us here with more than 100 pounds to lose you are in great company!.

    I've lost a bit over 100 and still have another 35-ish to go. I still haven't decided on a goal weight but I figure I'll know it when I get there..

    And even though I, like others here, advise patience and persistence (invaluable advice BTW), at this point I'm almost glad it's taken me awhile. I've had time to really solidify my new eating habits and I'm hopeful that will help me through the rest of my life. Ok, notice I wrote.


    Glad, cuz sometimes it is a slog!.

    But everyone here is wonderful. Welcome!.

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  • 3107 days ago

    Welcome and you aren't alone! I had over 150 lbs to lose. Highest weight was 314 lbs., started Medifast at 301 lbs. on 4/28 and this morning weighed in at 222 lbs. This plan works..

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  • 3101 days ago

    I started Medifast with the intent to "just" lose 100 pounds. Over time, I've met my milestones and adjusted my goal to something close to "healthy" that will amount to 146 pounds lost! I may get there and decide to keep going to get to a healthy BMI..

    Just keep checking and celebrating those milestones (as applicable):.


    *Morbid Obesity to Obesity.


    *Plus sizes to Misses (or Big & Tall to Regular Men's).

    *Century Club.

    *Obesity to Overweight.

    *Bypassing your HS or wedding or pre-baby weight.

    *Overweight to Healthy!.

    *Optimal Health!!!!!!!!!!!.

    There are so many things to celebrate along the way... so CELEBRATE!!!.

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  • 3101 days ago

    I've been losing weight since May 1, 2011 (not started Medifast till 6/8/12 though) with a goal of 92 lbs to lose tentatively. I may aim for 100 but wanted to start here first and found the small goals along the way to be VERY helpful and exciting. I have about 30 lbs to lose left depending on which goal # I decide on which I will decide on soon as I get closer to goal. It can be done!.

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