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  • 3193 days ago

    Nathanael Level 1
    HI! I'm new here and have just started the Medifast program through my doctor. My coach is a nutritionist through my Doctor's team at the hospital and has helped me a lot in these first days of getting started. I'm actually starting the plan officially tomorrow and very excited. I got all of my food and organized it and feel ready to go. I've been dealing with my weight ever since my mid-twentie's when my mother passed away, prior to that I was average weight and in my teen years had struggled with anorexia..

    I've really been battling my weight these past few years due to illness and that is what has prompted me to try this program as it's through my Doctor and I will be well taken care of, unlike in other programs where one is on their own or with just a lay person. My doctor knows my medical conditions and my upcoming surgeries (a herniated cervical disc and torn ligament in the shoulder) as well as my background personally and medically. So I feel very safe with this program..

    One thing I love so far is the convenience and that I don't have to really prepare a lot or do much cooking, especially with the upcoming surgeries'. I admit, with my busy working schedule and graduate studies, I prefer things that are simple and easy to manage, so I think this program will be a fit..

    A bit about me, I'm 36 years old and am a preschool teacher from Missouri and am currently working on my Master's in hopes of becoming a professor whilst still teaching my dear little children. I'm also single, which affords me additional time to teach and study and I enjoy music, especially singing, I also love reading, taking walks and love animals. I have three cats which are my babies! I am looking forward to these boards and being a part of this wonderful community as I begin my journey towards renewed health!!.

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  • 3190 days ago

    Welcome, and enjoy watching the pounds melt off!.

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  • 3188 days ago

    Welcome. I actually found my Medifast Center through one of the Cardiologists at work. They send their patients there all of the time. Their Physicians Assistant also goes into the Medifast center and does Q&A on certain days..

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  • 3188 days ago

    Welcome! This is a wonderful program that has literally saved my life and continues to do so every day. You will love it and you will do great! Always remember YOU ARE WORTH IT and know that we are all here to help and support you also..


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  • 3184 days ago

    Welcome to the Medifast Family!.

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  • 3178 days ago

    Hello and welcome to the Medifast Family!!.

    This really IS a great program...if you work the the plan, the plan WORKS. It will take a few days to get into the swing of thingswhat L&G meals are easiest for you ( I grill ahead and freeze, eat fresh veggies everydayI keep them prepared too)...others like to cook. You will find what works best for you..

    We share recipessome are just "how we prepare the food packets", some are "real" recipes..

    I have found this really IS a complete program. The weight comes off, and I get WONDERFUL support from these discussion boards. We are here to help each otherand that the same time, we find the help and support we personally need. We cheer each other on, we vent our frustrations, we celebrate our successes..together!!.

    There are also some good challenges here...I am doing a monthly challenge to try to meet a goal by the last day of Nov. I am not competing against "anyone" but meits not a race...but the commitment of a challenge DOES help me stay focused..

    Look around the boards...I KNOW I cant do this without my "friends" posting and supporting each other/and me!!!.

    The Program also helps to teach us what our eating triggers are..stress, habits, moods, etc. As we go along, we each need to face WHAT got us here to begin withand how to make little changes to address the BIG problem so we can stay healthy..

    Weight Loss is only part of a successful outcome,but we are all here for you as you move along in your journey.....

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  • 3101 days ago

    It sounds like you have a busy and full life and that Medifast will fit into it very well! I too find the convenience really helpful in sticking to it because all it requires is that I follow the directions..

    Have fun along your journey..

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