New to Medifast and Scared

  • 3193 days ago

    Jazlyn Level 1
    REPOST: (didn't originally know where to post) Hello, well I have to say I am scared, scared to death. I just ordered my food yesterday so I am still awaiting it's arrival. I want so badly to lose this weight, and I pray I can do it or atleast shed a few prior to my wedding in March. I have tried EVERYTHING.

    ... EXCEPT Medifast. I hope to god it works, seeing other peoples success stories and pictures really does give me hope, so thank you!.

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  • 3185 days ago

    Welcome and as long as you work this plan it will work for you! I've been on it cheat free for going on 2 months and I've never felt better mind you I lost 24lbs my first month.

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  • 3178 days ago

    It does work. I've lost 98lbs on it. You just have to stick with it and let it work..

    You CAN do this..

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  • 3175 days ago

    Welcome! Stay on plan and drink all of your water and you will lose weight! The first week is the hardest then it just gets easier after of luck to you..

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  • 3175 days ago

    This works, no doubt about it. Follow the plan as written, come to these boards often for inspiration and motivation, check out other's pages, and you'll BE the bride you're hoping to be..

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  • 3173 days ago

    Thanks ladies for all the words of encouragement!.

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  • 3165 days ago

    You've made a great choice!.

    This plan absolutely works. Stick around these boards, ask questions, learn about the plan. You will lose an amazing amount of weight before the wedding if you do..

    Number one thing: Don't cheat! Not ever. Not a nibble. Nothing. Stay "On Plan" (you'll see people talking about being "OP" here...that's what we mean)..

    In years past, I had convinced myself that a "little cheat" here and there wouldn't hurt. In fact, I convinced myself that a little cheat here and there was actually a good thing...keeps the body off balance and all..

    Nonsense. Doesn't work. All cheats do is delay success..

    As MntMom said, the first week is the toughest. Your body will be going through some adjustments. Side effects (particularly headaches) are common. Fight through it. Once you are "in the groove", this plan becomes second nature. Its gets easy. Next thing you know it will be February and you will be rocking some great losses and totally looking forward to the wedding!.

    Welcome to the board!!.

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  • 3159 days ago

    You can do this! This is a great plan and has worked for me when everything else has failed. Ask lots of questions and use the tools on the web site. Welcome!.

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  • 3154 days ago

    Welcome to the biggest group of losers who are proud to be called so!.

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  • 3150 days ago

    Start with your Lean and Greens TODAY!!!! Don't wait for the food to get there!!! You will get a headstart!!!!.

    You can do sweat!!!.


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  • 3150 days ago

    Welcome!! I've been battling weight since the 4th grade, and this program has been my "magic pill". You definitely have to be committed to the program and work it exactly as written, but it works! For me, the first three days were pretty rotten, but I am so glad I stuck with it, because after day 3, I felt great. It's such a joy not to shake from low blood sugar anymore, like I was doing before MF..

    On a side note, cooking has always been one of my favorite activities, and I have really loved learning how to cook in a whole new way as a result of this program. I continue to use recipes I used during 5&1, and plan to do so going forward..

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  • 3149 days ago

    Welcome! It can and does work. If ever you have a question or concern, the boards are a great place to get advice and support. You can do it!.

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  • 3148 days ago

    Welcome!! Many, and I mean MANY of us had tried EVERYTHING before Medifast. Why do I love it?.

    1. I see results.

    2. I count very little.

    3. I have great energy (after week 1, but that's usually a very nice loss so it pushes you forward).

    4. I GIANT HEART this community!.

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  • 3146 days ago

    Welcome! Medifast has given me something that I haven't had in a long time....HOPE. I've lost weight on other plans before, but there was nothing about the other plans that changed the way I thought about food. This plan has done that..

    Before Medifast, I had almost given up. I thought I must be destined to be fat. No more - now I know that I am completely in control of my weight and health...and I feel great! I can't even imagine how wonderful I'm going to feel when I get to my goal weight - it's been so long since I've been there....

    You've made the right choice. Stick with the plan, and it will work..

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  • 3138 days ago


    You will do great! Good advice from others above..

    If you haven't already, read the post from Kristin70 about hitting her goal and see what she has accomplished. It's incredibly inspiring, and her words of advice are infinitely wise..


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  • 3131 days ago

    Don't be scared. It totally works so long as you follow the program..

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  • 3129 days ago

    Hey! Joining in with the rest to say that Medifast really does work..

    ((Like you, I tried MANY other things. The only one I had moderate success with was South Beach. Everything else nada.)).

    Remember after the first few days it gets really easy! So just stay on the boards and drink a ton of water, esp that first week!.

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  • 3121 days ago

    Welcome; and don't be scared. You've taken the first steps in a journey that you won't regret. For me, it's one of the easiest plans to follow. You're in good company here, the support is wonderful and you will receive help whenever you need it. Just remember to always stay OP, drink all the water and ask questions when you need to..

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  • 3101 days ago

    BTW, look at this link for some information from the veterans..

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