New to Medifast? Helpful Links for Newbies

  • 3193 days ago

    Dean Level 1
    As I mentioned in another thread I decided to compile the original "Links for Newbies" thread since it now has SO much content. This version has all the original links included in the original post. The content shared here has been contributed by.


    Members of this community..

    Please feel free to contribute more links! Every contribution is helpful!!!.

    General Program Tips and Recommendations.

    Things I wish I'd known When Starting Medifast.

    Ready, Set, Go Medifast in 2012.

    My Wish for the Newbies.

    How to organize your Medifast Meal inventory: (including shoe-bag pics).

    How to NOT Cheat - A Planning Guide.

    Dining Out.

    (see official Medifast dining guide, below).

    For Motivation.

    Things I won't miss about being overweight.

    What Does Your "After" Look Like?.

    Motivational quotes for Weight Loss.

    NSV's...Time to Share!.

    "Allow for the Passage of Time".

    (planning to go off plan for the holidays?).

    Looking for "long timers" input.

    (a post about "diet fatigue").

    How do you stay positive?.

    Trying versus Doing.

    For FUN!.


    Getting to know you... profile name?.

    MediSpeak: An Acronym Tutorial!.

    SNIGLETS for Medifasters (for fun!).

    Here is a new one - a.


    Motivating exercise!.

    Common Questions.

    Why am I not losing (LONG).

    Where does the fat go?.


    Can you drink too much water?.


    Does Medifast Weight Loss Always Return?.

    Food and Recipe Tips.

    Which Medifast meals are most filling.

    Photo Guide to Making Cauliflower Pizza Crust (LONG).

    Here's the desktop recipe link.


    For the coffee house addicts.

    Speaking of Oatmeal:.

    The BEST way to eat a brownie:.

    Help Needed with Pancakes.

    Great Recipe Sites.




    Medifast Official Documents:.

    Quick Start Guide:.


    Condiments Recommendations (and healthy fats):.


    Green Options:.


    Meatless Options:.


    Snack Options:.


    Product Profiles:.


    Veggie weights conversion chart:.

    Lean Shrinkage Chart.


    Dining Out Guide.


    The Medifast official document on weight loss plateaus.


    More Guides:.


    Official Medifast Forums.

    Thoughts, Behaviors and Feelings Medifast Counselor support:.

    Medifast Dietician Support on food plan questions and answers:.

    Medifast Pros Exercise and Training & Assistance thread:.

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  • 3186 days ago

    Jill (aka gggoodgggirl),.

    Can I just tell you that you are amazing. Truly you are my inspiration (as well as Fraulein Steve). My sister began this journey exactly one month after I (just this past week). She has seen in only a month how motivated I am and we don't even live in the same state. Everytime I see helpful links on the boards, I try to point her in the right direction. This posting here really has "grabbed" so many useful tips, techniques and processes for all of us. So many thanks and I'm so rooting for you to get to your goals! awindycitygirl (Diane).

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  • 3178 days ago

    ^^^ Agree and Like, Like, Like!.

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  • 3172 days ago

    Thank you, thank you!.

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  • 3170 days ago

    Jill, thank you so much!!! I will use all the threads again and again!.

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  • 3164 days ago

    Thank you "goodgirl"/Jill ~~~~ this is just what I needed. So far it's been extreemly helpful. Today is actually my officiaL 1st day on medifast!.

    And I need all the help, motivation and support I can get. I appreciate all your tips. I am a strong believer that if something works for someone else it might just work for me too. Still having trouble navigating this site but really going to give this my all. Thx again for sharing..

    LadyLexie / Carole.

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  • 3162 days ago

    I don't have anything to contribute, but thank you for sharing this! Subscribed!.

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  • 3160 days ago

    Just wanting to say...thank you, thank you, thank you. Very thoughtful of you to do for all the newbies :-).

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  • 3151 days ago

    As a newbie I thank you!.

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  • 3143 days ago

    I appreciate you posting all of this. I just started on Saturday and I am lost in this forum. The links will help me I am sure!!.

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  • 3137 days ago

    Thank you!.

    My medifast center is having a "meet and greet" on Nov 10th and I am going to bring some of the suggestions. Especially the brownie one (which I now do 1/2 brownie 1/2 PB soft serve).

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  • 3131 days ago

    You are awesome! Thanks..

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  • 3122 days ago

    First, let me just say that I just started today and have been a bit overwhelmed. UNTIL NOW. I just spent the last 30 minutes laughing hysterically at some of the information shared in the posts. I've experienced so many of the things talked about...such as leaving a protein shake my 100 degree car...with the lid on, only to get in and the lid explodes leaving the most horrific smell EVER! Thanks so much for thinking of the new folks. I officially have the will to continue!.

    PS...ever notice how people who need to lose a few pounds can laugh at themselves so much easier than the folks that have been thin all their lives and are professional self proclaimed fitness godesses??.

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  • 3117 days ago

    This is pure GOLD to a newbie. Thank you for pulling this together! I'm a planner, and having all of this info together with such great tips makes me feel like I can do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!.

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  • 3116 days ago

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I refer to this post ALL THE TIME!!!.

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  • 3101 days ago

    I've added the link as a FAV website.

    Thanks gggoodgggirl. You are AWESOME!!!.

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