Next-Gen Consoles

  • 3209 days ago

    Magic_Wombat Level 2

    What are you guys most excited about for the next-gen of consoles? Are you going to buy? I personally cant wait to see what Sony has up their sleeve for Feb. 20. I want to hear what you guys (and girls) have to say.

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  • 3083 days ago

    I am not going to buy a next gen console (never say never). I started gaming when I was a kid on a PC then moved to consoles around 06-07 and I loved it but now it feels like they don't care about making good games and only care about getting more money from us so I'm back in the PC camp. The game library is massive and less expensive once you've got a gaming PC.
    Lack of backwards compatibility on Xbox One is crazy not to mention they've not figured out the kinect yet.
    I'm watching the Steam Box quite closely especially because, it seems, oculous rift is close to Valve. The steam box looks like everything I love about consoles (massive tvs, controllers, surround sound, body melting immersion, sofas) with everything I love about PC gaming.

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