Posting All The Cute Costume Pictures From Halloween?

  • 3193 days ago

    Felix Level 1
    Here is my son, my hubby, and myself last night. No actual Starbucks Cups were harmed during the making of this costume LOL!.

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  • 3187 days ago

    This is me and my two youngest..

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  • 3183 days ago

    That is such an original idea! With that little face, your son would have made a convincing angel. (With angelic behavior to match?!).

    I don't have photos from last night, but a little funny story. My husband LOVES passing candy out to the trick-or-treaters. We had a little boy knock on our door; he was maybe 4 at the oldest and just a tiny little guy - dressed as an M&M. My husband (big biker dude) opened the door and the little guy said.....

    "Trick or tr........

    Mister, you are HUGE.


    I think my husband is still laughing about it..


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  • 3182 days ago

    Beautiful, Robin! FUN!!! THank you!.

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  • 3173 days ago

    No cookies were harmed and/or eaten during the wearing of this costume.....

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  • 3168 days ago

    Yes, Kristin, I agree about the angel part. And he actually is pretty angelic in real life too but I'm very biased of course. That is a great story about your hubby! You'll be laughing for weeks about that!.

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  • 3162 days ago

    That is a hilarious picture Steve! Is that YOU?.

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  • 3159 days ago

    Me as Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones (HBO).

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  • 3158 days ago

    Yes. under all that fur and faux-garbage can....that's me..

    The last time I wore it 4 years ago, I filled it! lol..

    Now? it kinda just hung around me loosely.....

    I was also crouching down because if I stood up, you'd see my shoes. lol.

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  • 3157 days ago

    I didn't do a costume this year, which was a bummer because I could have fit into something really cute for a change. Oh well..

    My son, however, LOVES to costume up, so here are his two costumes from this year: Marty McFly (complete with Walkman) and Spiderman..

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  • 3153 days ago

    Fun fun fun! =).

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  • 3152 days ago

    Oh, I love this. We named our first Shih Tzu Oscar because when he was a puppy his eyebrows stuck out and reminded us of Oscar the Grouch. It's very hard to find Oscar paraphernalia..

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  • 3151 days ago


    Thanks for the smiles everyone..

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  • 3144 days ago

    How fun!.

    I wish we had taken some pictures... Our son was so excited and so wanted to show off his pirate costume yesterday (his very first H, he is 4.5yo), that we forgot our camera.

    Next year then!.

    Thank you for the post Stacy!.

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  • 3138 days ago

    No kids yet, but my husband and I dressed up. One of the girls that came to our door looked up at him and said "you're a really tall dad!" He said, "not yet, maybe next year".

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  • 3138 days ago

    Too cute!! Love this thread!.

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  • 3138 days ago

    HAHAH!! I love it!! But who could confuse you for a grouch?!.

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  • 3130 days ago

    My daughter and my grandson (and if I didn't do this right H E L P ).

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  • 3122 days ago

    Ekekek, how do I get the picture itself to appear?.

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  • 3119 days ago

    Bryan Fitness trainer
    This are all just too cute!.

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  • 3117 days ago

    Thank you everyone for posting! Very cute!.

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