print out of exercise routines

  • 3400 days ago

    Tnfirefly Level 6
    I went through and found some exercises i thought I could physically do. I wanted to print the workout so that I could see the things I picked out to do. It would be nice to be able to print them and also to change the order of the exercises so that I can make a routine flow from one movement to the next with some music. Another possibility to add to this great site. You guys have done some great work here, and I love seeing how many points I can get in a day. It is a great concept.

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  • 3395 days ago

    SlimKickerAdmin Community manager
    Yes, that's a good idea. Just want to let you know we're not ignoring you.. just haven't had a chance to respond =)

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  • 3373 days ago

    if you can print out routines i would like to know how so i can take it with me and thenlog it on here when i get home

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  • 3151 days ago

    This is a great idea!

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