Resisted Halloween Candy: Definitely A Medifast NSV!

  • 3193 days ago

    Julia Level 5
    Sat in the car with a bucket of Halloweeen Candy For over an hour, waiting for my daughter, and I wasn't even tempted to eat a piece!.

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  • 3187 days ago

    Wow! that is hard. Way to go.

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  • 3182 days ago

    The best part is, I didn't even care!! I was wishing I brought a Chocolate Mint Crunch bar with me though..

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  • 3175 days ago

    That's great! My husband and I bought Halloween candy about a week ago, and I never felt tempted by it either. =) I even held a kit-kat bar in my hand today for a good 5 minutes or so not because I wanted it, but because they gave us candy at my school for participating in the costume contest. I would have just said no but I figured I'd be nice and give it to one of my classmates. I was, however, wishing that I had my lemon meringue bar with me because I was late for my Medifast meal! We have a ton of candy left over because we barely got any trick-or-treaters, but my husband will gladly eat it!.

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  • 3168 days ago

    Yah for you! Hard I am sure since my usual time to eat junk was in the car when I thought no one was looking!!.

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  • 3167 days ago

    It wasn't hard at all, I didn't WANT the candy! That's the NSV for me!.

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  • 3162 days ago

    That's a great zone to be in, and one you probably never imagined possible. If someone had told me 6 months ago that I would easily say "no thank you" to such temptation, I wouldn't have believed them. I love this empowered feeling!.

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  • 3101 days ago

    Great Job!!!!.

    I asked my kid for a piece of candy just to see if he would give me one. After some arm twisting I finally talked him into giving me a piece of his favorite candy (and mine). Once he handed it to me - I handed it right back to him without hesitation and said thanks, but you know mommy isn't going to eat that!!!!! I just wanted to see if the little stinker would share....

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