Taking/Tracking Multivitamins?

  • 3353 days ago

    Partnerd Level 3
    As part of my strategy, I have begun taking daily multivitamins. Is it possible to expand the nutritional fields to include those, or to populate some?

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  • 3294 days ago

    That's a great idea...I'd like that too...

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  • 3291 days ago

    I agree... a way to track supplements would be great (multivitamins, fat burners, Omega3s, etc! Another idea is a way to track water intake... say a section for checkmarks to track every 8oz of water taken in or something.

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  • 3281 days ago

    I was just going to try and track mine, and I couldn't find them. I tried to make my own but it wouldn't let me track all my vitamins.

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  • 3162 days ago

    I started a challenge for tracking my supplements because I always forget at least one (usually my probiotic, because its in the fridge!). Until the website adopts something to track them formally, maybe checking in to the challenge might be an idea?

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  • 3137 days ago

    litarider Fitness trainer
    Unfortunately most supplements don't list full nutrition data on their labels but you can try just adding them as a food with brand name and any information they happen to give you.

    Truthfully, however, I'm not big on nutrient tracking. I've been a serious food tracker for a long time and you can run into problems tracking nutrients. We don't really know how much of any nutrient is used when you work out. For example, if you eat 100% of your iron intake and then run a mile, how much of that iron did you just use?

    On another tracker that I use, I am always over on all of my nutrients from dietary sources alone but because I exercise vigorously, I know that's not true (for one thing, I was diagnosed with an iron deficiency while eating an iron-rich diet).

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