The truth about sugar in fruit?

  • 3231 days ago

    itzallaboutme Level 7
    I am a little confused about the sugar I get from eating fruit. I am not diabetic nor do I have any other health conditions that would be influenced by my sugar intake other than my weight. I love seasonal fruit and have an orchard with many different types all getting ripe.
    I guess my question is:
    Is the sugar I am getting from fruit (whole, home grown fruit) having the same effect on my body as the refined sugar from processed foods?

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  • 3230 days ago

    FitChic2 Fitness trainer
    The sugar in whole fruit is accompanied by fiber so the fruit sugar is digested a bit slower than, say, a teaspoon of table sugar. The type of sugar is different too. Also, fruit has tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants not found in refined sugars. Fruit is awesome, but moderation is still important, especially with tropical fruits that have high amounts of sugar (i.e. mangoes, papayas, bananas). If you eat your fruit with protein, fat, or fiber (like peanut butter, low fat cheese, or whole grain crackers), it can slow digestion of the fruit: keeping your fuller longer and lessening the impact the fruit sugar would have on your blood sugar.

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  • 3228 days ago

    FitChic2: Thank you for all the great information. This makes a lot of sense. I do need to eat less fruit probably and definitely add more vegetables.

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  • 3163 days ago

    How much fruit daily is OK?

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