What made you decide to try Medifast?

  • 3193 days ago

    Jake Level 2
    I was just wondering.... what are all the different "ah-ha" moments people have had to just get on the ball and do this!.

    I'm still waiting on mine, but I keep trying anyway!!!!.


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  • 3191 days ago

    I can't wait to hear what people post here!.

    For me, it's been a series of small things that keep nudging me toward the realization that it's time to get control of my weight and my health. The biggest one is being unable to get pregnant because my hormones are so out of whack. But I still fight the program, even with the idea of a baby in my mind. It's so easy to just deny the problem. High blood pressure? No problem, take a pill. High blood sugar? Ditto.

    Deny, deny, deny..

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  • 3183 days ago

    No lie.....

    A guy at work said "Are you pregnant? You have gotten so fat"..

    Yup. That's what did it..

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  • 3181 days ago

    Having rolls not just on my mid section but on my neck and face..

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  • 3179 days ago

    Thinking that gaining weight is just a part of getting older and having thyroid issues and dealing with it...then thinking the heck with that!.

    Plus, I saw pictures of myself that were taken at my daughter's birthday party in August....not flattering....and in reality I had been avoiding the camera..

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  • 3172 days ago

    I told myself there are worse things than being fat, and decided to accept my heaviness. Then I quickly gained 20 pounds, in a matter of months. So then I panicked and started researching weight loss surgery, which is how I stumbled on Medifast. I realized that, while yes, there ARE worse things than being fat, that if I let myself, I would end up in an irreversible state of bad health. Letting my eating go unchecked was clearly not the answer and wasn't going to make me happy. So I reversed course!.

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  • 3170 days ago

    I think I had resigned myself to always being fat. But there were so many things that I couldn't do because of my wieght, and my health was starting to be affected by it as well. For me, it wasn't a conscious decision to start MF. I had tried diet after diet with only limited success. My husband saw an ad for Medifast in our doctor's office and asked about it. When I did a bit of research online, I still didn't think it would be for me, but I'd try it for a month. A book I had gotten, The Secret Is Out, about the Medifast program, said "Before you embark on your Medifast journey, you must get committed." It listed four commitments, but it was the first one that scared me:.

    Commitment 1: I will comply with the Medifast program and consume only the products allowed until I have reached my goal weight..

    So if I made that commitment, it wouldn't just be to try it for a month. It would mean committing to the program for many months, even a year or more. Well, once I started the program, I was so happy with the results and the continual weight loss that I was motivated to continue. I have made the commitment to continue until I have reached my goal weight. I know I will do it, I will transition into maintenance, and I will NOT be part of the 95% that fail..

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  • 3162 days ago

    My moment is when I saw my picture taken on our anniversary. I couldn't ignore my weight anymore. I dieted for two months and lost a whopping 6 pounds. Then my daughter became engaged and is getting married in May. That did it! Found Medifast and will absolutely meet my goal and look and feel fabulous in her wedding pictures!.

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  • 3157 days ago

    For me it was wasting the 51# loss I had with Medifast in 2010. Reminding myself that I did not want to continue to see myself in the role of "loser"...not being able to complete anything, I decided to get back on and stay on the boards..

    It has been easier to stay the course and talk myself out of bad situations with off plan foods and realize that I really want to learn more about myself and be healthier...no just lose the weight..

    Good luck to you. You will have you ah-ha moment!.


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  • 3155 days ago

    I developed double vision, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness and nausea. After an MRI ruled out a brain tumor, MS, diabetes, or injury, the neurologist suggested that weight and stress could be a factor. In addition, I was having trouble with achilles tendonitis that was sometimes making it hard to walk. Weight was also a factor with that and it was time to set things right. Migraine medication resolved my vision issues, along with a MUCH improved diet, exercise, and weight loss..

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  • 3148 days ago

    I was in denial for a very long time. I finally wanted to know just how bad the damage I had done was and bought myself a scale that would weigh me. I already knew I was 350+ (devastating enough), but the devastation of realizing that I actually got all the way up to 445 pounds was not only a wake up call; it made me realize that if I didn't fix it, I might die. Or worse yet, live that way and just continue to gain more weight. It made me realize that I want to be the person I once was and to be healthy again..

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  • 3143 days ago

    One of the things that got me going was having a hard time walking since I have bone spurs in my feet. It just seemed like everything that was ailing me was due or aggravated by excess weight. I continued to feel like most 70 yos had better mobility than me and I am far from 70 yo. Now, I feel lots better and it just gets better and easier to move!.

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  • 3135 days ago

    My highest weight was 380. And then in 2004/5 I lost 130 lbs. And I stopped there, thinking it was good enough or that I just needed a break. Of course I started to gain some of the weight back (about 40lbs altogether)..

    Then I saw an old friend who knew me when I weighed 380. I had not seen him in about 12 years. His first comment to me was "You look exactly the same as I remember you!".

    I was devastated. But it gave me the kick in the butt I needed..

    If you reference the difference between first 2 face shots in my signature pics. He had last seen me on the far left. And his comment was made when I looked like the picture just next to that one (which was taken just before I started MF)..

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  • 3131 days ago

    For me it was having to actually see a photograph of myself taken when I wasn't aware. I was basically avoiding mirrors more than a vampire and only allowing photos when I could "arrange" myself behind other people or large pieces of furniture. Seeing that picture and being absolutely shocked and sickened about what I had been in denial about turned me around fast..

    Plus, like mlhayward, I have been having foot problems that I knew was weight related but that I was blaming on everything else. But, in all reality, that picture on my computer screen was the kicker..

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  • 3127 days ago

    Wow, I see a little of myself in almost all of these..

    For me, I had also given up. Then in 2011, my dad lost 70 pounds. For some reason, when he FIRST did that, it made me feel even MORE hopeless. Like he just DECIDED and did it, and I didn't have the strength. Then I got prepgnant at 245 pounds. I was happy and terrified about being so heavy.

    Being fat was the ultimate "sin" I had committed, but I still didn't think I had the power to change..

    I lost the baby on Thanksgiving (ironic?). I was home for Christmas and decided to try my Dad's diet. He basically did what I would call the "everything right" plan. He got up every morning at 5am, exercised, cut out processed foods and ate about 1300 calories a day. So I put together a 1200 calorie plan that I thought I could live with and off I went..

    From December-early March, I lost about 20-25 pounds. I was working out daily, walking on my "treadmill desk" for about 6-10 miles a day and it was NOT consistent. When I would lose, I would be thrilled. Small gains sent me into a DEEP depression. Then I got a tickle cough, wasn't getting any sleep and abandoned the exercise. I felt like the weight I was losing was mostly from the exercise, so that led to eating crap again and I gained it all back..

    Then I felt like a TRIPLE failure. I'd gotten fat, lost a baby, TRIED to get "not fat" and failed at that and at 35 had basically just WASTED time. So I decided to just try to get pregnant again. Hey, bloodwork was good right? Got pregnant before right?.

    But I hated myself. I really, truly did. And then I panicked after the 2nd month of trying and literally went to bed one night and prayed for an answer. Woke up and thought "Medifast" and have not looked back..

    Wow, that was lengthy. But I am SO HAPPY now that I didn't give up on myself!.

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  • 3127 days ago

    My aha moment happened the weekend of my daughter's wedding. I had tried to lose weight but only lost 20 pounds in 6 months. I resigned myself and attributed it all to having MS and being less mobile. The day of the wedding my hub went to get coffee to bring back to our room. I got out of the shower and started getting dressed. I slipped but didn't fall.

    Two weeks later I opened my first packet of oatmeal. I will forever be thankful for this plan!.

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  • 3124 days ago

    My son went away to college, got heavy, came home and got it off then found this and handed it to me and said I was bigger than this picture, how about going out for a walk. Huge wake up moment..

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  • 3120 days ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you are still waiting for your "a-ha" moment but are doing it anyway!.

    For me, I know that in my journey, "A-Ha" moments are effective for a few moments. If I relied on them, I would be grasping at straws LOL! Sure there was the accumulation of frustrations, the not being able to fit through the turnstile at Disneyworld for fear of getting stuck (so they let me through the stroller gate), there was the not being able to buckle the seatbelt of my Volvo anymore because I was too large, the falling in a parking lot holding my 1 1/2 year old son, the dreaming that my husband was going to divorce me, the not being able to ride the carousel at Seaport Village because I exceeded the weight maximum, the health scares, all of it! But I just decide to DO. Daily. =).

    The cool thing is that now that I am closer to where I want to be, I am accumulating more "A-Ha" moments that continue to validate my journey. The "A-Ha" moment of shopping in regular clothing stores. The "A-Ha" moment of fitting in to my High School Prom Dress. The "A-Ha" moment of being able to climb a mountain. Yes, I LOVE these "A-Ha" moments!.

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  • 3118 days ago

    I was always about 20 lbs overweight, but I wore a size 10 and am fairly tall, large breasted, so I actually looked ok. I could eat what I wanted and stay at 160 but to drop even a little weight I had to diet hard constantly to maintain. I am lazy, so 160 is where I stayed..

    UNTIL last Oct.... when I was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that responded amazingly well to prednisone..... a year later, I was up to 190, having chest pains and shortness of breath... went back to my immunologist who right off the bat said, I want you to go on Medifast. Cleared it later that day with my primary dr and now 6 wks in I have lost 17 lbs and am wearing jeans that haven't fit in ages and FEELING GREAT!.

    I have also lost an entire fat roll off my back! ewwwwww!.

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  • 3101 days ago

    Seeing a picture of myself and realizing I looked distorted. Honest to goodness distorted. The image of myself in my head was not what I really looked like..

    I started in May and haven't looked back..

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