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    masulinka 3295 days ago

    first 5 challenges done! ^_^ I really enjoy doing these. I also made it to the next level and I'll reward myself with a cup of mulled wine. what do you guys reward yourself with?

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    WCman1976 3287 days ago

    @masulinka Now that I explained the different phases of the P90X nutrition guide, you should join up with my team and I if you want to give it another try!

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    WCman1976 3290 days ago

    @masulinka You can find out more about the Reset here. Let me know if you are interested:


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      masulinka3290 days ago

      thanks, maybe some other time. I'm totally broke at the moment.

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      WCman19763290 days ago

      No problem, just keep me in mind and reach out whenever!